pumpkin-deco-25pxAbout Us

Baystone Development is a regional leader in real estate development and investment. Baystone’s principals have over 75 combined years of industry experience. Collectively, they have invested, developed and/or permitted over 2 million square feet of commercial space including over 3,500 dwellings with an aggregate total value in excess of $800 million. The team is known for some of the most successful development projects in New England including Cronin’s Landing, Longview Place and Children’s Hospital Boston, all of which have been the subject of Harvard Graduate School of Design case studies.

Baystone’s greatest strength is the quality and experience of their team, combining innovative thinking and expert analysis with creative deal structuring and problem-solving, all of which are applied to a wide range of real estate opportunities.

An Investment Strategy that Delivers Results

Through the successful development and management of real estate investments across a broad range of property types, the Baystone team has gained the foresight and analytical capabilities necessary to execute a diversified investment strategy.

  • Concentrating on high barrier-to-entry markets: The higher value associated with these markets offers greater returns for future disposition and less market risk.
  • Leveraging our management team’s skills: Because the Baystone team is adept at developing, acquiring, and repositioning properties, we excel at complex, technically challenging projects.
  • Seeking opportunities to capitalize on market inefficiencies: We have a track record of identifying assets that are impaired, illiquid, or undervalued.

Expertise Along a Broad Development Spectrum

about-us-feature-3Baystone Development’s skilled professionals have extensive expertise in many real estate disciplines. Our goal is to incorporate the community’s needs, attributes, and character to further enhance each project’s success. In achieving this, a solid and long-standing partnership is created with local neighborhoods and their residents.

We achieve this through a focused and hands-on entrepreneurial approach to real estate development.  Baystone’s ability to enhance an area’s characteristics and integrate progressive elements such as smart growth, sustainable practices, and transit-oriented development benefits the community and the investment. As a result, our projects are widely recognized for their quality by both residents, local businesses and the market as well.