680 South Ave.

680 South Avenue, Weston, MA

An Elegant Expression of Private-Public Cooperation

680 South Avenue is a highly successful expression of private-public cooperation completed under the Local Initiative Program. This charming, beautifully landscaped 16-unit community was designed to meet the needs of the Town of Weston, which has the highest per capita income in Massachusetts. It helped address Weston’s need for affordable housing.

Baystone worked with the Board of Selectmen in Weston to develop this model of elegant affordable housing, built as part of the state Department of Housing and Community Development Local Initiative Program. The site was acquired and permitted in less than a year, and construction was completed in 11 months. Low-impact, green construction techniques were employed throughout the development of this project, which includes 12 market-rate homes and four affordable housing units. Baystone, through an affiliated firm, served as landscape architect and contractor for the project.